While I support clients in many ways, some key issues I work with are anxiety, depression and relationships.


Anxiety can be distressing, highly damaging and disabling. It can prevent you from achieving your potential in many areas of life – work, family and friends. If you have anxiety be aware that it affects 1 in 20 adults and is the most common form of mental issue in the UK. The causes are many and unique to each person – whether it be childhood issues, traumatic experiences, or years of poor health. Anxiety can be a coping mechanism you have developed to help you survive in a difficult world and then become a vicious cycle where you feel anxious about the fact you are feeling anxious.

As a psychotherapist I can support you to address your anxiety and help you find the causes of your anxiety and the self-awareness and self-belief to reduce it.


Everyone feels sad, sometimes, particularly with issues such as illness, divorce, job loss etc. But if your sadness persists and interferes with daily activities you might actually be depressed.

People who have depression tend to feel helpless and hopeless (every day) and can blame themselves for their depression. They may then withdraw from family and friends. And some people start to contemplate death or suicide.

If you think you are depressed, I recommend you talk to your GP. Also through psychotherapy I can help you with your depression, talking to a trustworthy and experienced professional will help you feel supported, explore your issues and develop coping skills.

Relationship Issues

We all strive for love but relationships are complicated because people are complicated. Many of us lead busy, stressful lives and have our own very definite ideas about life. These issues often result in arguments, misunderstanding and poor communication with those closest to us. These conflicts can often leave us feeling sad, rejected, angry and confused.

If you are suffering because of relationship issues psychotherapy can help you. I will support you to understand yourself and your partner and why you relate to each other the way you do (including patterns from childhood). I will help you to build healthier patterns of communication, respect and relating to each other.

Some Symptoms of Anxiety:

Heart racing.
Confusion and inability to think.
Stomach problems.
Tension in body.
Obsessional thinking.
Agitation and restlessness.
Excessive thirst.
Feelings of panic, fear, and uneasiness.

Some Symptoms of Depression:

Low energy levels every day.
Insomnia or too much sleeping.
Changes in weight.
Feeling worthless every day.
Poor concentration, indecisiveness.
Little interest in activities.
Recurring thoughts of death or suicide.
Other Issues
trauma (including abuse) | self-harm | eating/body issues | grief/bereavement | loneliness | addiction | self-awareness | and others.
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